General Usage:
It is a stable quality ready to use matt enamel powder , especially for Oven / BBQ / Stove.


Name: Pre-grinding matt enamel powder  A-130

Additives Ratio:

RTU Enamel Powder 100
Clay 6
Quartz 10
Borax 0.3
Sodium nitrite 0.2
Magnesium oxide 3.0
Nickel protoxide 1.0
Antimony oxides 0.5
Barium molybdate 0.5
Black oxideT5-01 4.0
Water 60-75


A-130 are all 30-40mesh gray powder. Put 100g each powder through a 100-mesh sieve separately, there will be 10-20g residue left each. This product is a kind of black matt glaze with delicate quality, used for one-coat work such as steel plate.

Indexes and Parameter:

a.Appearance: gray powder, the surface is smooth and with no bubble structure
after firing.
b.Firing temperature: 810-840 ℃  Gloss: standard ≤±5
c.Fineness: 30-40 mesh, pass 100g such powder through a 100-mesh sieve, there will be 10-20g residue left.


Mill the pre-grinding powder, other materials and water to 0.5-1.5g/100ml,150 mesh as it could only form ripple marks when the proportion≥1g/100ml. 150mesh;Pass them through a 80-mesh sieve and keep the consistency at1.65~1.70g/cm3; As the ideal thickness of the enamel is 100-180 micron, great attention should be paid on consistency, firing temperature and time to achieve a good gloss.

Health Information
This product does not contain Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr+6