Heat Resistance of Cadmium Yellow Pigment

Cadmium Yellow, also called Pigment Yellow 37, is a high-performance inorganic yellow pigment. Cadmium Yellow has very bright color and strong coloring power, Stable light fastness. And it’s weather-proof, heat resistant, with no bleeding and transference. Its heat-resistance better than Chrome Yellow, of course much better than Benzidine Yellow and all of other organic pigments.

Well, How’s the Heat Resistance of Cadmium Yellow Pigment?

Pure Cadmium Yellow is a solid solution composited by Cadmium Sulfide and Zinc Sulfide. Cadmium Sulfide has two stable forms in normal temperature:

One is β—CdS, it’s cubic crystalloid; The other one is α—CdS, it’s Hexagonal crystalloid. The former one is stable in low temperature, heat-resistance is less than 500; The latter one is stable in high temperature, melting point: 1405, heat-resistance is higher than 600. In normal temperature to 500, the two crystalloids can maintain stable coexistence.

(Enamel cookware in Cadmium Yellow color:)

cadmium yellow enamel cookware

High temperature resistant Cadmium Yellow’s heat-resistance is depend on the ratio of cubic crystalloid β—CdS and Hexagonal crystalloid α—CdS. The more hexagonal crystalloid α—CdS contains in Cadmium Yellow, the higher its heat-resistance will be.

Hunan Noli Enamel Co,. Ltd is the leader manufacturer of Cadmium Yellow pigment in China, Focusing on the production of Cadmium pigment over 30 years.

It can be widely applied in enamel coloring, and its heat-resistance can be more than 800, which is approved and welcomed by most of our customers.

(Cadmium Yellow pigment from Nolifrit:)

Cadmium yellow pigment