Porcelain enamel coatings for cookware make it resist corrosion from household cleaners, abrasion, and the wear and tear of daily handling. All coatings are easy to keep clean and always look “showroom fresh”. Enamel coatings resist bacteria growth better than any other non-enamel finishes.

Porcelain enamel coatings are used around the world by the most famous brand names in the cookware industry as they meet both the aesthetic and functional demands of cookware manufacturers. The coatings are developed to perform at the highest level, whether applied on cast iron or steel.

Recommended Enamel Solutions:

Co-Ni Frit

Ni Frit

Sb-Mo Frit

Blue edge frit

Titanium gray frit

Royal blue cover coat

Titanium peach frit

Titanium ivory frit

Titanium cream frit

Super white frit

Titanium white frit

RTU matt for cast iron

RTU white frit for cast iron

Easy to clean powder

Inorganic Pigment