Features of Cadmium Red Pigment from Nolifrit

Cadmium red pigment is the compound of Cadmium Sulfide and Cadmium Selenide(3CdS2CdSe). Usually, The ratio of Cadmium Sulfide is 55%, Cadmium Selenide 45%.

Chemical Name
Cadmium red pigment
Chemical Compositions
Cadmium Sulfide, Cadmium Selenide
Pigment Index No.
Pigment red 108
Red powder
Crystal form
Hexagonal crystalline, Cubic crystalline.
Temperature resistance(max)

cadmium red pigment

Cadmium red pigment has very bright color. It’s of high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, light resistance, and atmospheric resistance. With strong coloring power and covering power, the color pattern of Cadmium red pigment can range from yellow, red to purple. The more Cadmium Sulfide(CdSe) contained in Cadmium red pigment, the darker its red color will be.

Cadmium red pigment can be applied in high temperature resistant paint. It also can be used in enamel, ceramic, glass, plastic, art pigment, print ink, paper, leather, colored sand architecture material and electric material, etc…

(Steel enamel cookware in Cadmium red color:)

Steel enamel cookware in Cadmium red color

(Le Creuset Cast iron enamel cookware in Cadmium red color:)

Le Creuset Cast iron enamel cookware in Cadmium red color

Hunan Noli Enamel Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer of Cadmium red pigment in China, Focusing on the production of enamel pigments over 30 years.

As the sense of environmental protection enhanced in recent years, more and more small manufacturers of Cadmium red pigment have to stop their production, which makes Nolifrit the only and best choice for Cadmium red pigment. As our production is based on factories on west border areas in China, so there’s no worries for environmental pollution.

Cadmium red pigment produced in Nolifrit is very cost-effective, the price is half of the current international brand. Much cheaper than Ferro and Pemco(Prince).

Nolifrit once had a meet with the world's top one brand of colored cast iron enamel cookware Le Creuset in the 24th International Enamellers Congress in Chicago. Le Creusetshowed the strong interests in our Cadmium red pigment series. They are quite willing to build up the long term cooperation with us. If you are also one of the enamel cookware manufacturer like them, you can contact with us, we will send you our best offer for our enamel pigments.

Jack with Le Creuset