Cobalt Blue Pigment Price

Cobalt blue pigment is a new type of environmentally friendly inorganic pigment, which has the characteristics of bright color, high degree of coloring, high temperature resistance and stable quality. Compared with organic blue pigment, cobalt blue inorganic pigment has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and it does not contain heavy metals and other substances harmful to human health, so how much is the price of cobalt blue inorganic pigment?

Cobalt Blue Pigment Price

Cobalt blue inorganic pigments have relatively high technical requirements and high research and development costs. Compared with other blue inorganic pigments, it is very safe. Therefore, the price of cobalt blue pigment is more expensive than other blue inorganic pigments. However, the quality of cobalt blue inorganic pigments on the market is uneven, and many factors such as the brand, purity and mesh number of the inorganic pigments will affect the price of cobalt blue inorganic pigments. For the quotation of cobalt blue inorganic pigments, the higher the mesh number and the higher the purity, the higher the quotation.

Whether it is cobalt blue inorganic pigments or other inorganic pigments such as cadmium red, cadmium yellow, etc., the quotation must first be determined according to customer requirements and actual conditions. The amount of customer demand, the shipping cost generated by the shipping location, what products are applied to, and what are the requirements for the product, these situations require the salesperson to communicate with the customer well, and then make a quotation. For example, if the customer's demand is small and the express delivery is required, the price will be naturally higher than the customer with big demand and shipping by logistics transportation.

The price of cobalt blue inorganic pigments is related to the specific requirements of customers. Any change in any factor will affect the quotation of cobalt blue pigments. Therefore, when customers inquire about prices, they must first explain their requirements, dosages and shipping methods, so that salespersons of inorganic pigment manufacturer can make targeted quotations.