Applications of Cadmium Red Pigment

Cadmium Red Pigment Number: C.I.Pigment Red 108

Registration Number: CAS[58339-34-7]; C.I.77202

Alias: selenium cadmium sulfide; selenium cadmium sulfide red; large red pigment; pigment red 108; barium cadmium red

Structural formula: CdS·CdSe

Cadmium red is widely used in industries such as enamel, glass, paint, ceramics, pigments, printing inks, plastics, leather, papermaking, building materials and electronic materials.

Cadmium red has lower natural hardness than other inorganic pigments and good friction. It can be used in photo gravure printing inks and PVC screen printing oils. Except for mercury cadmium red which is not suitable for polycarbonate, cadmium red is suitable for almost all resins and plastics, such as ABS plastic, polyoxymethylene, acrylic, amino, fluoroplastic, nylon, polyamide, polycarbonate, low-density polyethylene, High-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, soft or rigid PVC, phenolic, urea melamine, epoxy, polyurethane, unsaturated polyester, organic glass, natural rubber, silicone rubber, etc.

When cadmium red is used in polymers, cadmium red pigments should be used in systems with lower water absorption, because the water permeability in the medium will reduce the weather resistance of the pigments. The presence of titanium dioxide will also reduce the light resistance of the pigment. The durability of cadmium red is better than that of cadmium yellow, and it is suitable for coloring outdoor products, such as automobile coating and high-grade baking paint.

The safety of cadmium red pigments: the acute oral toxicity of cadmium pigments is LD50=10000mg/kg, but due to the insolubility of cadmium red pigments, it is safe in coloring products. Sulfur is also contained in cadmium pigments, which can react with most lead compounds to produce black lead sulfide. Peroxides and strong oxidants can make the pigments fade.

The cadmium red pigment produced by Hunan Nuoli is resistant to high temperature and has strong hiding power and bright color. It is the first choice for the enamel, ceramic and glass industries.


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