• Chrome green pigment
  • Chrome green pigment
  • Chrome green pigment
  • Chrome green pigment
  • Chrome green pigment

Chrome green pigment

Chrome green pigment can be used in coloring for enamel and ceramic.

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【Specifications of Chrome green pigment】

Chrome contains(Cr2O3)
Water solubles (%)
Residue on sieve (325Mesh) (%)
Volatile matter in 105°C (%)
Burning lose in 1000°C(%)

【Features of Chrome green pigment】

1, Chrome green pigment can be used in coloring for enamel and ceramic.
2, Chrome green can also be used for rubber coloring, formulating high temperature resistant paints, and art paints.
3, The color of chrome green is similar to the chlorophyll of plants, which can be used for camouflage paint. Chrome green can be difficult to distinguish in infrared photography.

4, Chrome green is also used in metallurgy to produce refractory materials and abrasive powders.

5, Chromium green is also used as an organic synthesis catalyst, and chrome green is a high-grade green pigment.

Nolifrit Pigment Compare with Others

Cadmium red pigment from other suppliers:
Darker color, foggy, not bright enough
Cadmium red pigment from Nolifrit:
Bright color, strong coloring power

Nolifrit Advantages


23 Years of Technical Accumulation


Cost lower 30% than Ferro/Pemco


500 Customers over the world


Exported to 30 Countries and Areas

Cooperation Partners

Customer Evaluations

The Most Famous Cast Iron Enamel Cookware Manufacturer in Europe Ms. Rose . Diane

We used pigments from Ferro and Pemco before, 3 years ago we placed a trial order from Nolifrit for Cadmium red pigment.

We tested their Cadmium red pigment and see it has very strong coloring power.

With price lower about 40%, it can fully replace the former supplier’s pigment.

The Biggest Steel Enamelware Manufacturer in Southeast Asia

We cooperated with Nolifrit for 10 years, their enamel pigments never let us down.