Why Chinese Enamel So Popular With Foreigners?

Enamel for daily use is very popular. Compared with other materials, it has very prominent advantages: it looks better than metal materials such as stainless steel, has exquisite shapes and colorful floral decorations and colors; it is more durable and fall-resistant than ceramics, and it is also easy to clean. , which is very convenient to use.

And recently, the enamel products that the Chinese used to make "spittoons" are selling at a high price on Amazon in the United States for about $60 a piece. On the product description page, it reads: "The charming antique-style design, the retro collision of red and white, bring you back to the 80s, creating a retro and romantic atmosphere. It is an indispensable decoration for kitchen tables and can be used to serve Vegetables, fruit, roast chicken and cold beer." Yes, foreigners thought it was an enamel fruit basket...

Although this is a misunderstanding, it is undeniable that Chinese enamel is very popular abroad. Why?

First, China's enamel industry is developing rapidly. Counting down the history of enamel in my country, you will find that Chinese enamel itself has a very amazing predecessor - cloisonne. Cloisonne is a technique of enamelling on copper. It is a precious kiln that only emperors can have, and it is also an art treasure that amazes the world. In modern times, especially after the founding of New China, China's enamel industry has developed rapidly. The quality of enamel products has improved, and the variety of products that can be produced has increased. Daily enamel has been exported to foreign countries and entered the European and American markets. The enamel products compete with each other;

Second, China's unique plastic arts. The shape of Chinese enamel can also be called the output of Chinese culture from a certain point of view. Common patterns such as "Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum", "National Color Peony", "Hundred Birds Chaofeng" and other patterns all show China's excellent artistic attainments and elegant spiritual connotations, the so-called "nation belongs to the world", foreigners can also appreciate the very attractive Chinese culture;

Third, it is practical. Chinese enamel products are of good quality and of various varieties, such as fat bottom pots, high-sided pots, pear-shaped pots, straight-shaped pots, slanted milk pots, enamel bowls, and persimmon-shaped pots. Use good things.