What Should Be Noted in Enamel Firing Process

The firing process of enamel refers to various firing technical parameters and operating points that must be strictly followed. Strictly producing in accordance with a reasonable process plays an important role to ensure the quality of enamel products. The enamel firing process involves many aspects. In this text, enamel material supplier Nolifrit tells you what should be noted in the enamel firing process.

1. Firing temperature

The firing temperature is the temperature at which the performance of the enamel product reaches the best value. It is the primary condition to ensure the internal and external quality of enamel products in the firing process. The firing temperature of various enamel products is different, mainly depending on the type and performance of the enamel frit used. The firing temperature should be within the temperature range of the type of enamel frit.

2. Firing time

At a certain firing temperature, the time required for the enamel product to be put out from the furnace mouth of the box furnace after the firing is completed just right is called firing time. The firing temperature and time of enamel products can compensate each other to a certain extent, but the temperature should be the main factor and the time should be used to adjust or compensate. In the firing process of enamel products, whether the complex physical and chemical reactions are perfect or not not only depends on the firing temperature, and firing time is also one of the basic conditions.

3. Judgment of firing of enamel products

In enamel production, when firing in a firing furnace, it is mainly through visual inspection and experience to determine whether the enamel product is completely fired or not, so the experience requirements of the technicians are very high.

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