What Is Industrial Enamel?

Enamel products used in industrial equipment are called industrial enamel, such as industrial containers, reactors, desulfurization panels, GGH, pipeline valves, stirring paddles, water storage tanks, etc. Some of them are in direct contact with strong acid and strong alkali solutions, and have higher performance requirements such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance than daily enamel products.

The base material of industrial enamel is mainly steel plate and cast iron. In addition to the formability and weldability required by chemical equipment, steel plate should also pay attention to its anti-scale explosion performance, adhesion performance and anti-pinhole defect ability as an enamel metal base material. The surface should not have defects such as wrinkles, bubbles, rust spots, delamination, cracks, etc., and metal pretreatment should be done well.

Because of the particularity of industrial enamel, the selection of enamel frit is also slightly different from that of ordinary enamel products. Daily enamel usually requires good appearance, non-toxic and harmless, so the opacity, whiteness and non-toxicity of the enamel are affected. There are special requirements, and industrial enamel pays more attention to the chemical stability of the enamel, which needs to meet the following requirements: first, acid resistance grade A~AA, good alkali resistance; second, excellent adhesion, can be closely with the metal substrate Combination; third, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability and must have good mechanical strength; fourth, no pinholes, bubbles, pores, blasting, de-porosity, focus, etc. will occur after firing. product defect.

Enamel frit suppliers have specialized industrial enamel frits, and can also provide thoughtful service and technical support. Some domestic suppliers have been able to customize enamels according to the actual requirements of customers, and make enamel production through proofing tests. Manufacturers buy satisfactory products.