What Is Enamel Material

Porcelain enamel is composite material in which inorganic glass materials are melted and solidified on the base metal and firmly combined with the metal. Common enamel materials are mainly divided into two aspects, one is the enamel surface layer, the other is the enamel base metal body. In this article, Nolifrit will introduce what is enamel material.

Common substrate metals are mainly divided into cast iron and steel plate, and some are made of enamel on stainless steel. Gray cast iron is mostly used for making cast iron enamel products, and white cast iron cannot be used for enamel. The composition of gray cast iron used for enamel must be selected according to the wall thickness of the product and the required mechanical strength. Enamel steel sheets mainly include hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, and cold-rolled decarburized steel sheets. When choosing enamel steel plates, pay attention to choosing steel plates with lower carbon content, because when enamel products are fired, carbon and carbides will be oxidized into gas. When the gas is discharged, it may cause bubbles and pinhole defects in the porcelain enamel layer. And with high carbon content, the formability and welding performance of high-volume steel plates will deteriorate.

2. Porcelain enamel layer

The material that constitutes the enamel layer is mainly enamel frit. According to the process, the enamel frit can be divided into ground coat, cover coat and transparent coat. The ground coat generally needs to have good adhesion performance and can be combined well with the metal body. And also needs to be able to bond well with cover coat. The cover coat is the enamel layer coated on the ground coat layer to achieve the requirements of whiteness, gloss, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, and atmospheric resistance required by the enamel product, so that the product has a smooth, beautiful and practical enamel surface, transparent coat are colored enamels used for surface decoration. They can be divided into transparent coat with pigments and colored cover coat that are directly melted by introducing pigments into transparent coat.

The above is the introduction of the enamel materials compiled by Nolifrit. Among them, the enamel steel plate accounts for more than 90% of the cost of enamel products, and the enamel frit accounts for a very small proportion. Therefore, when purchasing enamel materials, everyone should pay attention to choosing the appropriate enamel steel plate. When purchasing enamel frit, you must check product quality and product performance. It is best to take samples and test first, and buy in bulk after pass the test.