What does enamel ware fear most? Look what BASF sa

Many enamel end users and enamel products manufacturers have responded that the enamel products are perfect -- beautiful and durable, except the rust. Let’s take a look at what the top pre-processing company -- BASF say at the 24th international enamellers congress.

“Effective cleaning is a key step in enamel manufacturing, insufficient cleaning will lead to enamel defects. Rust affects the quality of enamel products, but excessive cleaning will cause great waste.

In order to ensure the quality of enamel products, proper pretreatment is required, and select low-carbon embryonic materials ,so that the enamel products are more durable. Cleaning process should always be accompanied with the enamel products production."

As the most professional supplier of enamel glaze and inorganic pigment in China, nolifrit is also honored to participate in the 23th (Florence) and 24th (Chicago) international enamellers congress.

Nolifrit  has been focusing on continuous improvement of enamel technology. When the enamel client encounters the problem of rust from the enamel products, it should be clear that the rust is not from the enamels, but from "iron +H2O". The Suggestions of nolifrit are as follows. The concentration of alkali should be increased in the process of rust removal to form an alkaline environment. It is recommended to add 0.5 sodium, 0.3 Na2Co3 and 0.3 borax. Anakin is widely used and effectively in enamel rust removal. However, acidic detergents are usually more effective, and in some cases require a variety of methods, including both alkaline and acidic chemicals. If you have any questions about the rust removal of enamel products, you are welcome to visit for more solutions.