What Decide The Enamel Frit Price

Enamel frit is one of the raw materials for the production of enamel products. After people discovered that it can be closely combined with metal after high-temperature sintering, it can produce many excellent characteristics such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various industries. , Such as household enamel, architectural enamel, industrial enamel, oven grills, etc. Of course, from the discovery of enamel glaze to today’s very mature application, there has been a lot of technological evolution. These are all related to the continuous improvement of production technology. Of course, the different external conditions make the price of enamel frit different. Let’s talk about what the price of enamel glaze depends on?

Enamel Frit Price

Enamel frit brands are different, so naturally its prices are also different. Because the production level of different manufacturers is different, the price of enamel frit of foreign and domestic brands is also different, so the price of enamel frit of different brands is also different. Just like everyone buying clothes, the prices of clothes of different brands are not the same, but we all know that the prices of big-brand clothes are often higher than those of other brands, and their quality will be better. In addition to the quality of the clothes themselves, the service and workmanship of big brands will affect the price, so one of the factors that affect the price of enamel frit is the brand.

Enamel Frit Price

The different properties of enamel frit lead to different prices. This is because the production difficulty of enamel frit of different properties is different, and their production costs are also different. The production of enamel frits is to process the raw materials into enamel frits through high temperature firing, and then process the enamel frits into the required enamel pre-grinding powder through physical processes such as ball milling and sieving, so enamel powder and enamel frit price is naturally different. The higher the requirements, the higher the process requirements. It often requires repeated treatments such as ball milling and screening to achieve the required particle size. This production process requires more labor costs and machine costs, so the price will naturally be higher.

In general, the price of enamel frit mainly depends on the above factors, such as brand, type(enamel frit or enamel powder), etc. Of course, in addition to these factors, there are other factors that also affect the price. This article will not explain them all. Now, when you purchase enamel frit, you need to learn more about enamel frit first, and get a preliminary understanding of enamel frit, so that you can make a good decision.