Weather Resistance Test Method For Enamel

The weather resistance of enamel is one of its characteristics and advantages. It is not easy to age, and has strong resistance to the atmosphere and light. The enamel material can maintain its original characteristics when used outdoors for a long time, such as no fading. For architectural enamels or enamels for public facilities, such as architectural decorative enamel panels, outdoor signs, enamel lampshades, enamel guardrails, etc., weather resistance is a very important property.

In order to prevent the enamel from fading due to air erosion when exposed to the outdoors for a long time (more serious at the seaside and in the air containing sulfur and carbon dioxide), we need to use a weather resistance test on the enamel. Generally, enamel products with strong acid resistance have strong weather resistance and time resistance, so they can be tested by the same method as acid resistance.

The test samples were boiled in 6% citric acid for 2.5 hours and had good weather resistance if the loss of enamel was less than 0.1 grams per square inch. In addition, the enamel measured as AA or A grade by this test method can even withstand wind and rain for about 15 years without changing its color.