Vitreous Enamel Roof Survived In Fire Disaster

Elegant and beautiful shape, gorgeous and beautiful colors, that is what building roof made of enamel material have. In Muslim areas, we can see a large number of similar buildings, especially Islamic churches. As an important part of Islamic art and one of the main forms of expression, it has unique requirements for the style and shape of the roof, and enamel is perfectly in line with each requirements and standards.

Enamel, also known as vitreous enamel, the Islamic church roof made of enamel brings visual impact and aesthetic enjoyment. The color of enamel has multiple attributes of material and spiritual culture. The roof made of enamel material is very strong in terms of practicality and aesthetics. , The enamel surface is smooth and easy to clean. Compared with other colored building materials, it has good weather resistance, and has super resistance to the atmosphere and light. In terms of construction difficulty, enamel can be directly made into the shape required by the building, saving labor, construction and material costs, so it has gradually replaced other materials such as ceramic tiles.

The enamel material is resistant to high temperature, and can maintain its original characteristics at 800 ° C. It does not change. The special heat-resistant enamel can even work at about 1000 ° C. Therefore, we can see that after an accidental fire, the houses were all burned. Only the enamel roof remains intact.

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