Vitreous Enamel Roof

As daily necessities, enamel often appears in people's family life, such as enamel pots and enamel cups. In addition to daily enamel utensils, there are also enamel stoves and even enamel inner tanks of water heaters. It can be seen that with the upgrading of consumers, production With the optimization of the process, many industrial chains have also been upgraded. In addition to the enamel products that can be seen everywhere in our life, there is also enamel that is visible to our naked eyes but is easily overlooked-architectural enamel.

Architectural enamel mainly refers to the exterior or interior walls and indoor and outdoor facilities of public buildings such as subways, stations, and underground tunnels. At home and abroad, especially in areas with a strong religious cultural atmosphere abroad, they like to use enamel materials to make church roofs. On the one hand, the architectural decorative enamel board can be specially made according to the design requirements. The architectural decorative enamel board can be combined with other materials. The back can be pasted with composite silicate cover board, cement board, gypsum board or Aluminum honeycomb panels, etc.; on the other hand, the building made of enamel, because of the excellent rigidity brought by the multi-layer structure design, the shape can be in various forms such as plane, curved surface, special shape, etc., which can meet the needs of church shape design, color selection It is also relatively extensive, achieving the unity of shape and practicality, beauty and performance.