Vitreous Enamel Panels Applied in Hospital

In 2020, the sudden and new COVID-19 has given people psychological precautions for unknown pathogens that may appear around them at any time. From home, travel, and to office places, people's awareness of protection has been greatly improved.

As one of the most concentrated places for bacteria to grow, the hospital, in addition to relying on a variety of disinfection products, its building itself has extremely strict requirements for decorative materials, just like the human body has good immunity, it can reach the body to a certain extent. Balance internally and externally to reduce the risk of bacterial survival and spread.

Nolifrit customer Kaier vitreous enamel panels have been successfully applied in several medical construction projects many years ago, especially the innovative corrosive enamel panels in Reproductive Medicine Center of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University.

There’re many advantages of vitreous enamel panels:

1. Moisture and mold resistance.

After high temperature melting, the enamel layer is smooth and dense with no pores at all, so particles such as dust cannot penetrate into the interior and serious stains such as mildew stains won’t occur;

The surface of the enamel plate is made of inorganic porcelain enamel, and its water absorption rate is extremely low.

2, Super easy to clean.

The dense and non-porous enamel surface is fine and smooth, with excellent cleanability;

The low static surface will not actively attract dust.

3. Corrosion resistance

The inorganic surface of the enamel process is often used in the inner layer of the reaction kettle in the chemical industry, which is enough to witness that its products are not afraid of frequent use of cleaning agents and disinfectants in the medical environment.

The Kaier enamel board not only functionally meets and exceeds the national standards for decorative materials for clean surgery departments, but the use of color and pattern expression technology greatly meets the needs of architectural design and creative performance. The flawless visual effect is first-class.

Perth Children's Hospital in Australia: The outer skin of the building adopts a dual-skin system with energy-saving design. One of the skin decorations adopts children's colors that symbolize youth. Green, white and black enamel panels are applied on all surfaces of the building. Seems like a complete color vision environment.

Sidra Medical Research Center, Qatar: Sidra uses modern structure enamel panels, glass and white ceramic tiles to create dazzling sail design and landscape. According to the customs of Islamic countries, a one-piece building specially designed for children (green), one for women (orange), and one for adults (blue) is specially set up.