Types of Enamel Furnace

At present, enamel furnace can be basically divided into three types:

1, Box furnace

The product enters and exits from a doorway, and the product is in and out by manual means. The size of the box furnace is determined by the size and output of the product. When high output is required, multiple products can be placed indoors, but it is easy to operate. The larger indoor area is 3.2m, deep 1.8m ~ 2m. The general size is 2.5m deep 1.5m. The box furnace for the production of chemical reactors can burn up to 10,000 L of products and even larger.

2 , Ordinary mechanical continuous operation furnace

According to the shape of the product firing line, the linear type is called a tunnel furnace, and the "U" type is called a horseshoe furnace. There are two kinds of mechanical operation modes: one is that the conveyor is at the top of the kiln, the hanging type is the hanging furnace, the product is hanging and walking; the other is that the conveyor is driven at the bottom of the kiln, the rod frame is up, and the product is walking. The furnace is formed in the 1960s through the technical innovation, the product firing chamber is relatively small, the general width is 0. 6 ~ 0. 8m, the height is 0. 6 ~ 0. 8m. In terms of height, most of the products are only placed on one floor, so it is commonly called a single-layer baking furnace. You can put more than one width depending on the size of the product.

Due to structural reasons, depending on the length of the flame, the high temperature zone of the kiln is generally around 16m. The production efficiency of the horseshoe furnace is about one time higher than that of the general-sized box furnace. This is of course related to product variety, personnel quality and management level. The use of such furnaces has reduced operational requirements and labor intensity, and product quality has improved.

3, Large mechanical continuous operation furnace

The furnace is characterized in that the firing chamber has a large cross section and a height of 1.7 to 2.5 m, which is lower and higher, depending on the size and output of the product.

The width is in the range of 0.8 to 1.0m (refers to 1 channel). The product travels in the furnace in a "U" shape. The product can reach 30~50m from the inbound and outbound lines.

The product has just entered the furnace zone as a pre-tropical zone, then to the high temperature firing zone, and finally into the cooling zone. After the product is taken out of the firing zone, it is exothermic and absorbed by the products entering the pre-tropical zone, so the heat energy of the kiln is very good. In the low, medium and high temperature ranges, there are several pairs of circulating air curtains to prevent heat overflow. The shape of the whole furnace body can be “one” type, “L” type, U” type, etc., according to site conditions and process layout requirements. set.

The fire-resisting and heat-insulating structure of the furnace is mostly made of high-grade aluminum silicate fiber felt, which is light in weight, small in heat storage and good in heat preservation performance. Most of the combustion structures use various types of metal radiant tube devices, and heavy heavy muffle refractory structures are also used. Metal radiant tube burners must use gaseous fuel or low sulfur light diesel. Refractory structure furnaces can be used with heavy oil, tar, light oil, liquid, gas fuel or electricity.

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