Trends of enamel industry

On May 30, Mr. Jack,Wang, chairman of HUNAN NOLI ENAMEL CO., LTD visited Kohler sanitary ware co., LTD. At the arrangement of Porcelain Enamel Institute. What impressed me most during this visit was that "intelligent manufacturing leads the future production trend".

As is known to all, Kohler was founded in 1873, headquartered in Wisconsin, and is one of the oldest and largest family enterprise in the United States. With excellent quality, industry-leading R&D technology, sophisticated manufacturing technology and cutting-edge design, Kohler has become a classic through a century. Noble and elegant Kohler brand has become an important symbol of Chinese consumers' pursuit of perfect home life. Today Kohler has 50 factories and more than 20,000 employees worldwide. As a fashion indicator of global kitchen and bathroom, the concept of "elegant life" advocated by Kohler directly touches people's yearning and love for high quality life.

On the first day of the trip, we visited Kohler design center, which covers an area of 36,000 square feet. It highlights Kohler's position as the world's leading brand. Mr. Jone, the head of Kohler, introduced that every year, Kohler design center provides endless creative inspiration for more than 150,000 consumers, manufacturers, architects and designers. Every detail of Kohler design center is full of creativity and surprises me. It is a comprehensive demonstration of innovative design and technology, the breakthrough of Kohler, and American history. The word "holy land" is no exaggeration.

On May 31, the second day of visiting to Kohler, Nolifrit visited Kohler's manufacturing plant.

Kohler have advanced equipment laboratory, Kohler strictly selected raw materials, time testing to ensure product quality that meet strict standards.

From raw material selection, testing, to the accurate control of the whole production process, even temperature is under the accurate monitoring of the sensor. The head of Kohler introduced, "in one hundred year, Kohler persist in using the traditional handcraft in glazing", Nolifrit, with 20 years of experience in enamel industry, was astonished by the enamel bathtub produced by Kohler.

Kohler adopts advanced mechanized production line with high accuracy. It adopts new four-in-one screw connection and fixation, no nail holes, good sealing performance and high precision.

Visiting in the factory, we noticed that from casting to burnish, from processing to detect, from quality to design, from raw materials to the whole process of product, Kohler  adapt advanced automation system, robot real-time monitoring of each production process, and strict controls of incomplete defective rate, real-time update data automatically by the computer system. Make the production process transparent to the workers and managers.

Kohler factory using the robot from the spray glaze, polishing, assembling as a whole solution of intelligent manufacturing, grinding system, It is worth mentioning that in order to reduce the defect, using the latest Internet technology ZDT (zero downtime) and DCS (double safety testing functions), can greatly reduce manual labor while increasing the production efficiency.

Through this investigation, Nolifrit realized that the enamel industry is facing industrial upgrading, and robots represent the trends of future industrial upgrading. Robot and artificial intelligence technology will lead the traditional enamel industry to the intelligent production to the next level.

·         HUNAN NOLI ENAMEL CO., LTD will take the market as the guidance, adapt high-technology , and we hope           to witness the further development of intelligent manufacturing together with Kohler in the future and create a brighter future.