Those Enamel Home Products You Have to Know

In the past, enamel existed as a work of art and luxury, but now, with its affordable price and beautiful appearance, enamel enamel has become a "star" product in people's daily life.


The most common enamel for daily use is also enamel utensils, including enamel cups, enamel bowls, enamel pots, enamel pots and so on. Many people can't tell the difference between ceramic and enamel. Ceramic is adobe, while enamel is a metal body. Under the same beautiful appearance, enamel is more durable than ceramic. Compared with ordinary iron pots and stainless steel pots, enamel pots have a better appearance, are not easily corroded by food acid and alkali, and are not easy to rust. Compared with the commonly used plastic basins, the enamel basin will not be deformed by high temperature burning, nor will it precipitate toxic and harmful substances to the human body, so it is very easy to use.

In addition to being practical, daily-use enamel has a very typical aesthetic feature: retro. Fashion trends are ever-changing, and only classics are sustainable. We can often see various enamel products engraved with "memory of the times" at enamel exhibitions. The rich background stories endow them with different connotations and make them collectible.