The world's scarce producer of cadmium red

Introduction of cadmium red pigment in Nolifrit

Code:Purple NLT -171, bright red NLT -160, light red NLT -164, orange NLT -165.

Composition : Cd - S/Cd - Se

opacity : excellent

solvent resistance:excellent

Thermal stability : 900 ° C

Hue: distribution from purple, bright red, light red to orange

selenium content :10%, 15%, 30%

1. NLT -171 has a high selenium content, so its red color is bright . It is the most pure and bright color among all red inorganic pigments.

 2. The cadmium red has a good outdoor durability, suitable for outdoor products coloring;

3 The hardness of cadmium red is lower than other inorganic pigment, and friction is good.

As the global demand for environmental protection in recent years ,more and more high, some small manufacturers have to stop cadmium production, as a result cadmium red pigment is scarce, it also has bid up the price of cadmium red pigment.

There are only a handful of cadmium red pigment manufacturer across the world, mainly concentrated in China, among them, nolifrit is outstanding , with 20 years of experience in making new materials and specialized  in the production of inorganic pigments. With factory of cadmium red pigment in the western region of China, nolifrit ‘s annual outputs are 2000 tons, pigments are in accordance with environmental testing in national standards.

The company has established a long-term relationship with dozens of clients around the world who use cadmium red pigment. And Nolifrit has get in touch with the world's first brand  of colorful cast iron pot in the 24th international enamellers congress in Chicago, Nolifrit's cadmium red pigment has received high recognition from the charger of the first brand company , and the charger showed  strong purchase intention.

The cadmium red pigment produced by Nolifrit has a high cost performance ratio, with bright color, strong coloring power and high covering rate, and the price is half of the current international market. As long as you need cadmium red pigment, Nolifrit  is your best choice.