The Advantages of Gas Enamel Firing Furnace

Gas radiant tube enamel firing furnace gas burns liquefied petroleum gas, etc. At present, the gas fuel of gas enamel firing furnace on the market is mainly natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The main components of the fuel are methane, propane, butane, and also contain a small amount of ethylene, propylene, butylene, etc.; as long as the fuel is fully burned, the gas enamel firing furnace will have little pollution to the environment, and the waste heat can be recycled. Higher, easy to realize automatic control. Due to the relatively sufficient supply of gas fuel, relatively low energy prices, high calorific value, and relatively low comprehensive cost of energy consumption, gas-fired enamel furnaces are widely used by major enamel manufacturers.

As a clean energy source, gaseous fuel has been widely used in various industries. Gas enamel firing furnace, as an enamel firing furnace powered by gas fuel, has many advantages:

Energy saving and low energy consumption. Due to the sufficient supply of gas fuel energy, high calorific value of fuel and low unit price, the overall energy cost of gas enamel firing furnace is relatively low.

High utilization rate of heat energy. The gas is completely burned, and the tail gas produced has a lot of heat. As long as the waste heat of the tail gas is used well, the heat energy can be fully utilized, and the utilization rate of heat energy can be maximized.

The temperature in the furnace is uniform. As long as the burners can be arranged reasonably, the uniformity of the furnace temperature can be fully guaranteed.

Little pollution. As long as the fuel is fully combusted, the environmental pollution is small. Because the electric power of the gas enamel firing furnace is small, it will not have an impact on the transformer current; but the gas fuel is prone to insufficient combustion due to insufficient oxygen supply or gas leakage due to various reasons. Therefore, the gas enamel firing furnace puts forward high requirements for the safety control of the equipment.

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