Steel Enamel Impact Resistance Test

The impact resistance of steel plate enamel is an important part of all performances. The impact resistance of steel plate enamel products is mainly measured by adhesion test. In the production of enamel coating, appropriate enamel frit will be used according to customer requirements. These specific enamel generally need to meet the test standards. Today, I will mainly introduce you to the adhesion test of enamel products.


Japan JISR4301 enamel products quality standards stipulate that the diameter of 36.51mm, the weight of 200g, the height of the steel plate thickness of 1.2mm or more from 100cm, and the height of less than 1.2mm from 45cm, fall on the surface of the product, and the enamel does not peel off after impact. .


American ASTM enamel adhesion test: prepare the required instruments (impact tester 80 inch pounds of force) and materials for the test. Raise the weight and plunger of the impact meter to a height that can fit the test sample.


Place the sample on the test bench. Make sure that the plunger is 2 inches high from the front edge of the sample and does not exceed the stopper on the test bench. Adjust the weight with a 1/4-inch allen wrench until the handle of the weight reaches the "0" mark, and then tighten the screw.


Raise the weight until it reaches a force of 80 in/lb (marked on the left side of the handle, use a 4 lb weight). Grasp the enamel piece with one hand, and loosen the weight with the other to make an impact. Then wipe the impact point of the sample with a damp cloth.


Check the impacted area and compare with the reference standard. Adhesion is divided into five levels.

Level 1 = No adhesion, exposed substrate, and the range of enamel peeling is beyond the impact point.

Level 2 = poor adhesion, all the enamel at the impact point peels off, but the peeling range does not exceed the impact point.

Level 3 = good adhesion, and 25% of enamel scraps remain at the impact point.

Level 4 = good adhesion, 50% of the ceramic layer remains at the impact point.

Level 5 = The adhesion is very good, and the enamel at the impact point is not peeled off.