Stainless Steel Enamel Tray Sample from Nolifrit

At present, the common enamel products are cast iron enamel and steel enamel. For stainless steel enamel, due to its relatively complex process, the high requirements of stainless steel and enamel frit, it has not been widely used. However, since the stainless steel material itself is superior, after the enamel process is processed, it is more prominent than cast iron enamel and steel enamel, which belongs to "high-end products" in enamel.

Stainless steel enamel is generally used in special requirements, such as precision instruments. Today we received a request for a customer: they need to do small batch of 304 # stainless steel enamel plate for instruments, I hope we can provide relevant technical support. For this purpose, Nolifrit professional technicians went to the R & D center to make sample, according to customer requirements, the following is a comparison map:


First sand blasting on the surface of stainless steel, remove impurities, to improving the adhesion between enamel frit and stainless steel;

Spray enamel by hand

Spray the enamel slurry evenly on the stainless steel, in order to achieve a better atomization effect, the fineness of enamel slurry will be finer than that of the dipping enamel, and it is necessary to pay attention to the density of the enamel slurry and  control of the firing process, otherwise it is easy to cause defects such as cracking or shrinkage due to the too fine enamel slurry. The product quality of hand sprayed enamel is very dependent on the proficiency of workers;


After enamelling the ground coat, put it into an drying oven for drying;


Put it into the firing furnace after drying, firing at 850 ℃ for 5 minutes, after firing, take out the sample for cooling;

Enamel coating of the cover coat

The cooled samples are coated by dipping, and the excess enamel slurry needs to be removed by shaking, turning, hooking, etc., so as to obtain a uniform enamel slurry coating;

After drying, firing and cooling again, we obtained the enamel stainless steel sample. Nolifrit has been committed to providing customers with product services and technical support.If you have any questions, please comment and call!