speech “enamel without nickel and cobalt”

On the 31st of this month, princess deliver speech “enamel without nickel and cobalt” on the international enamellers congress .

Nolifirt ‘s CEO --Mr Jack, Wang participate in the international enamellers congress ,and visit old  friend –princess, during “enamel without nickel and cobalt” speech, Mr Jack, Wang listen carefully and take notes, Mr. Jack, Wang said, now enamel industry is calling for environment friendly and healthy, low-end ,  environment-consumption way will  ultimately die, therefore, nolifrit  will always committed to the production of non-toxic, no precipitation of heavy metals, anti- resistance, water resistance of high-end enamel glaze and inorganic pigments, which is a key link in the industry chain of enamel industry.

A few years ago, nolifrit realized enamel industry lies in the development of environmental protection non-toxic, focus on the high-end market of enamel, for this reason, invested heavily to introduce once worked in the international industry leading company engineers to help to carry out industrial upgrading. After continuously effort,nowadays, the quality of the nolifrit is very close to the industry's giants –Princess and Ferro ,while with a  competitive price.

The picture is about  the speech on the international enamellers congress .

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