Solutions to Bubble Defects in Enamel Cookware

The types and causes of cell defects in daily-use enamel products have been briefly introduced before ("Causes of Cellular Defects in Daily-use Enamel"), so if you find that your daily-use enamel products have cell problems, how to solve them? Today Xiaonuo provides you with some detailed solutions and ideas for the types of bubbles, welcome to pay attention and collect!

Edge bubble: 1. Properly widen the edge gap; 2. The concentration of the  slurry needs to be appropriate; 3. The enamel slurry in the edge gap should be evenly coated; 4. The blank at the edge gap should be cleaned and pretreated.

Symmetrical bubble: 1. Choose high-quality thin steel plates; 2. Pay attention to the degree of pickling, not excessive.

Welding bubbles and solder joints: 1. The size and position of the vent holes should be selected appropriately; 2. The welding parts should be flat and fit, and the gap should not be too large; 3. Do a good job in cleaning the rust spots, grease and stains at the welding places, and if necessary, you can first Pickling and then soldering.

Air bubbles, pinholes and black spots: 1. Do a good job of pretreatment on the surface of the iron billet; 2. Choose a thin steel plate that meets the technical requirements; 3. Avoid contamination of the enamel slurry, and pay special attention to the quality of clay and abrasive additives; 4. Grasp the temperature and time of the firing furnace, and the ground coat should not be burned.

Silkscreen bubble: 1. The ground coat should not be too thick, and the firing should be transparent; 2. The storage time of the ground coat blank or plain product should not be too long, and attention should be paid to the collision and extrusion between items; 3. Decorative flowers The baking temperature should not be too high, and the temperature of the flower-burning furnace should not be too low.

Bullet points: 1. The ground coat should be burnt through; 3. Keep the enamel slurry clean, especially choose high-quality clay and grinding additives.

Explosion point: 1. Do a good job of pretreatment on the surface of the iron billet; 2. The ground coat billet must not be damaged, if there is any damage, it needs to be repaired; 3. Correctly grasp the temperature and time of the ground coat firing.

Because the causes of defects in enamel products are complex, specific problems need to be analyzed in detail. If you have any questions, please contact us! Hunan Nuoli has been focusing on enamel frit for 26 years, providing professional solutions and technical support for hundreds of enamel customers!