Selection of Enamel Pigments Inorganic Pigments

Colors enrich people's lives, lush green trees, colorful flowers, tall brothels and white buildings... The beautiful world cannot be separated from the embellishment of colors. A beautiful enamel product needs more color beautification, so enamel pigments The choice of enamel is also an important part that manufacturers need to consider when producing enamel.


Enamel pigments generally refer to high-temperature inorganic pigments used to decorate enamel products. Inorganic pigments include natural inorganic pigments (coloring with natural mineral raw materials), which generally have low purity and darker color, but are cheap and economical. There is also a synthetic inorganic pigment with complete chromatogram, bright and pure color, and hiding power powerful.

There are several reasons why enamel pigments use inorganic pigments:

1. The characteristic of inorganic pigments is that they have good high temperature resistance. We all know that high temperature firing is required in the enamel production process. Only inorganic pigments can meet the needs of the enamel process;

2. It has good chemical stability, acid and abrasion resistance, which greatly extends the service life of enamel products;

3. Inorganic pigments have good light resistance, resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, and are suitable for the use of enamel products in the field of public facilities and equipment;

4. Inorganic pigments have good stability and excellent migration resistance, unlike organic pigments that are easy to dye.