Salt Spray Resistant Matte Cast Iron Enamel Grill

Recently, Hunan Noli technical team received a service request from a customer who focused on high-end kitchen cookware and electrical appliances and had strict requirements on product quality. At present, there is an enameled cast iron hob with high requirements for salt spray resistance. They have tested different enamel frits before, but they could not meet the requirement of no rust spots within 48 hours, so they contacted us.

Hunan Noli's self-developed cast iron matte frit has been tested by salt spray and can be free of rust spots for 48 hours. The product has been verified by many customers, and its salt spray resistance and temperature resistance are significantly better than domestic and foreign competitors. At the same time, it also has good impact resistance and adhesion performance, and is one of the representative products of domestic enamel frit.

(Sample display of Hunan Noli enamel cast iron hob)

After receiving the hob blank sent by the customer, Mr. Shi, a technician from Noli, first polished the surface of the blank with an angle grinder to remove burrs, and then blasted the workpiece to make the workpiece meet the enameling requirements. After calculating and determining the enamel formula, the batching materials are prepared and ground, the enamel slurry is applied, the enamel workpiece is dried, and then placed in a 760 firing furnace for firing, and the sample is obtained after uniform cooling.

(Comparison of sandblasting effect)

Hunan Noli technology originated from Europe and the United States. The equipment and technology have a high starting point, but the company has not forgotten its original intention. For 26 years, it has insisted on independent research and development and product innovation, creating product differentiation, and has a very high global competitiveness. As a national enterprise, it is determined to provide products with better quality. To service back to the society. If you have any related questions, please contact us!