Porcelain Enamel Can Be Used As Medical Device

Recently, Nolifrit received a customer inquiry to purchase enamel frit for the production of enamel scalpels.

Many people's impressions of enamel still remain in the enamel cups and enamel basins that were popular in the 1990s and millenniums. Even when enamel is mentioned now, more labels are "retro", "feelings", "collection", etc. In our daily life, it seems that we can no longer see enamel, so some people expressed doubts and emotions: "Why is there no enamel now?"

Is this really the case?

With the progress and development of the national enamel industry, enamel has not only been used in daily necessities and daily utensils in the past, but has been applied in various fields. glow in life. For example, architectural decorative wall panels in the construction field, enamel signs on public facilities, street lamp shades, enamel reaction kettles in the chemical industry, enamel stirring paddles, etc. Today, the author will introduce the application of enamel in medical equipment.

We see more enamel medical instruments including medicine basins, medicine cups, measuring cups, sputum cups, dirt buckets, etc. In addition, there are also medical instruments such as enamel scalpels. Then, as medical supplies, the quality and precision of the products are important. The chemical requirements are very high, why can enamel materials be used?

First, the enamel surface is smooth and dense, which is not conducive to bacterial growth, and is easy to clean and disinfect; second, the enamel material is non-toxic, does not precipitate harmful substances, does not emit rays that are harmful to the human body, and is hygienic and safe for the human body; third, chemical resistance Corrosion, acid resistance, high temperature and low temperature. It is precisely because of these characteristics of enamel materials that it is used in the medical industry.

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