Notes For Choosing Electrostatic Powder Suppliers

Industrialization changes drive the development of production technology, and the market is changing rapidly. Enamel material factories are constantly innovating to meet the needs of the market. Electrostatic dry powder is an upgrade of enamel glaze, and it also meets the current environmental protection needs. Then everyone should choose electrostatic enamel powder manufacturers. What do you pay attention to?

 The production of electrostatic dry powder has a lot to do with the equipment of the manufacturer. It can be said that the quality of the equipment will have a great impact on the quality of the electrostatic dry powder, so everyone must first understand the production equipment of the electrostatic dry powder manufacturer. If the equipment is old and has not been maintained for many years, then the quality of the electrostatic dry powder product produced can be imagined to contain a lot of impurities, but it is not a qualified product.

Secondly, the production technology of the manufacturer has a relatively large impact on the electrostatic dry powder. Different from the enamel frit, it can be produced with only equipment. The electrostatic dry powder also depends on the experience and technical ability of the production technicians on the powder. Many domestic manufacturers produce There is still a big gap between electrostatic powder and foreign countries. The technology is not yet fully mature, and products with stable quality and high quality are rare. Therefore, when choosing electrostatic powder manufacturers, you can first understand the experience and strength of the company's technical personnel.

 Finally, for everyone, what you need to pay attention to when choosing an electrostatic powder manufacturer is the manufacturer’s technical service. There are many processes for enamel products. Although the electrostatic spray enamel process can effectively reduce the probability of enamel defects, it is inevitable that some will occur. Defects. When encountering enamel defects, everyone must first determine the cause of the defect. This requires the technical support of the electrostatic powder manufacturer to help deal with it. Good technical service can make everything go well, and technical guidance can be provided at ordinary times. When problems are encountered Can also be resolved quickly.

The above is the whole content of which aspects should be paid attention to when choosing electrostatic powder manufacturers. If you want to know more about enamel-related knowledge, you can pay attention to us. Hunan Nuoli is a domestic manufacturer of enamel glaze, enamel powder, electrostatic dry powder, and inorganic pigments. It has 26 Years of relevant industry experience can provide one-stop solutions.