nolifrit&lecreuset meeting

Today, Mr. Jack, Wang, CEO of nolifirt, meeting  person in charge from the famous European casting iron company.

The pictures shown below are  the company's latest product. the person in charge says, as many people who are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle  ,replacing one piece of cookware at a time with a better option like enameled cast iron can really help to making sure your kitchen is beautifully well-equipped for healthy, home cooking. Therefore, its products sell well in Europe, America and China.

Nolifrit CEO-Mr. Jack ,Wang, with years experience ,he says in order to make this product,it uses transparent frit for cast iron ,RTU white frit for cast iron, plus pigment .Nolifrit is capable to provide these product , transparent frit for cast iron -code number 362, RTU white frit for cast iron -code number B – 1101,and pigment .Nolifrit as a professional manufacturer ,with  the formula recommended by the factory's engineering team, There are many successful cases of application in China and abroad.

The European cast iron company has always been popular with consumers for its variety and bright of colors .Through deep conversation with nolifrit CEO-Mr. Jack. Wang, the European company has developed a strong interest in the pigment from nolifrit. And nolifrit is confident of doing long-term business with this important customer, because  nolifrit occupies an absolute quality and price advantage in  lake blue ,orange ,red pigment that the European company is interested across the international market.

There are 27 kinds of pigment in nolifrit ,including the most basic red, yellow and blue colors, and various transition colors. In addition, if you need a special customized color, you just need to provide the pantone color number, engineering team from nolifrit can be perfectly reduction modulate the ideal color in your mind.

Especially the red pigment, there are only a few manufacturer in the world produce red pigment ,including princess, as  people often said ,A thing is valued if it is rare. so the red pigment in the world market price has been expensive, And in norifrit, the price is half.

For this big customer, nolifrit will follow closely, this will be a strong step in entering  the European and American markets.