Nolifrit wishes Muslim”EID MUBARAK”

Nolifrit  wishes all Muslim customers good luck in Ramadan. On May 16, 2018 to June 15, 2018, for Muslim friends, this is the holiest month of the year of 2018 – Ramadan。Nolifrit has many Muslim customers from different countries and regions , including Egypt's largest enamel cooker manufacturers, during Ramadan, due to shorten work time of the customs, ports, freight forwarders, warehouse and other enterprises, order is suspended before Ramadan, and now, Egypt's the biggest enamel cookware company has contacted relevant business person in nolifrit and is about to place a large order. It will be the first big order after Muslim’s Ramadan .Once again, nolifrit wishes Muslim friends "EID MUBARAK" and a prosperous business.