nolifrit visit Kohler

On30th ,this month, nolifrit CEO Mr. Jack,Wang has a full schedule , visits the world's top enamel bathtub industry giant –Kohler in the morning.

Kohler was just  a family-owned factory that produced farm tool castings In the first decade of its existence. But Kohler insists that "produce comfortable and functional household products,  integrated affinity, so that the world recognizes its products as aesthetically pleasing." Kohler strives to meet consumer demand by "making our home appliance  more beautiful, more comfortable, and more practical”. Now Kohler, as represent  of fashion in the enamel world, Kohler advocated the "elegant" concept, Kohler directly lead people yearning for the high quality of life .

Mr. Jack, Wang, CEO of norifrit visited Kohler’s design center.  Kohler's home design has  provided some inspiration for  enamel manufacturers. The visit to Kohler has inspired nolifrit. For high-end customers like Kohler, the  rigid choice of frit and pigment ensures quality. By visiting Kohler ,nolifrit reinforce their faith—committed  to provide our customers with high quality frit and pigment with non-toxic, no precipitate heavy metals , anti resistance and water resistance, to ensure the quality of our end user products.

In the afternoon, Mr.Jack, Wang, the CEO of nolifrit, met three customers from the United States again at the international enamelers congress  and took photos with the President of the world enamel association. It seems that the opening of the European and American markets this year is promising.