Nolifrit Updated Acid Resistant Black Enamel

Recently, under the strong impact of COVID-19, the global business is getting more and more slow and difficult to keep its running. Many foreign trade business activities is delayed or even cancelled due to this epidemic. During this difficult time, many factories shut down its production and many company stopped its operation to reduce the loss.

While Nolifrit take this as an opportunity to improve the quality of our product and service, as we have more time and energy to think about this aspect now. Recently Nolifrit launched another two innovative products:

Acid Resistant Black Enamel (RTU powder):

Acid resistance black enamel

Direct-on Mirror Black Enamel frit:

mirror black enamel frit

Those two new products are both highly approved by our customers, the above pictures showed perfectly the good quality of smooth enamel surface and strong adhesion. Which is the best enamel solution for cookware, gas range and oven panels.

Hunan Noli Enamel Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer of porcelain enamel frit and Ready-to-Use enamel powder in China. Focused on enamel coating for almost 30 years. We always adhere to the concept of innovation and sustainable development. To offer the best enamel coating solution for our customers.