Shanghai International Enamel Fair 2010

Shanghai International Enamel Fair / Enamel Technology Forum took place from 7th to 9th Jun 2010 in Shanghai. The president, secretary general, 13 vice presidents, 18 committee members and 100 more representatives of China Enamel Industry Institute participated in enamel technology communication and visited the enamel industry fair.

President Pang Zhenhua represent China National Light Industry Federation announced top 10 enterprises in enamel industry in China 2009. And awarded them with the certificate. There are more than 10 thesis about enamel technology for discussing. After the last International Enamel Fair in 2008, this fair showed again the development of technology in enamel industry in China. Like electrostatic coating and equipments, furnace, manufacture craft, enamel frit and enamelware etc. It’s also an unusual platform to gather, contact and communicate with the most professional experts in enamel field.

As one of the members of China Enamel Industry Institute, Nolifrit took part in this fair. Positively support and response the calling of the institute. Our showroom may look not big, but our influence can be profound, and we will sum up the experience of past and focus more on enamel solutions and contribute us on the enamel industry.