Nolifrit Successfully Applied to Rice Cooker Inner

The advent of the electric rice cooker has brought great convenience for people to cook rice. The operation is simple and convenient. It is welcomed by people and accepted by most families. Currently, the main materials for making rice cooker inner pots on the market are: aluminum, stainless steel and composite multilayer materials, but there are still some shortcomings in this kind of rice cookers, mainly as follows.

1. The inner tank is not evenly heated and the cooking efficiency is slow.

2. The cooked rice sticks to the ground and side walls of the inner tank, and even burns frequently, causing waste.

3. It is inconvenient to clean the inner pot of the rice cooker.

4. The inner pot of some rice cookers is made of aluminum. When in contact with food, people will inevitably eat a lot of aluminum oxide. These aluminum oxides are harmful to the human body and affect human health.

5. Some inner tanks are also coated with a non-sticky layer. The non-sticky layer will fall off after a period of use and mix into food, which will also cause harm to human health.

Nolifrit Successfully Applied to Rice Cooker Inner

The successful application of enamel coating on the inner pot of the rice cooker overcomes the above-mentioned shortcomings of the existing rice cooker, and is not only beneficial to human health, but also convenient and practical. However, most of the enamel frits used on the market are imported enamel frits. Some high-end enamel product factories still have doubts about domestic enamel frit. They are worrying about the occurrence of defects such as leaking enamel, micropores, bubbles, or substandard inspections and increasing production costs. In this regard, Nolifrit combined customer concerns and product quality standards to create a direct-on black enamel formulation for the rice cooker liner. After a large number of experimental verifications, the final data shows that the performance of Nolifrit enamel is excellent. Some test results even far exceed industry standards, which won the trust of customers.

Nolifrit Successfully Applied to Rice Cooker Inner

Nolifrit direct-on black enamel mainly has the following advantages

1. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, no harmful substances will be produced in direct contact with food, safe and healthy.

2. The enamel surface is smooth and delicate, easy to clean, and will not stick to the pot.

3. The inner tank and enamel layer are tightly combined, and the adhesion performance is excellent, and there will be no chipping enamel.

4. Excellent resistance to high temperature, salt spray and temperature sudden changes

Nolifrit Successfully Applied to Rice Cooker Inner

The success of Nolifrit direct-on black enamel represents a new stage of Made in China. After constant exploration and experimentation, Chinese enamel frit manufacturers have produced products good enough to compete with foreign brands. Although we still have gaps with foreign brands in terms of overall production technology, these gaps are also shrinking as Chinese manufacturing continues to spread all over the world. Domestic brands are making continuous efforts to make their own products have core competitiveness.