Nolifrit Successful Sample Test on Enamel Kettle

In the early July, Nolifrit technical team come to customer’s enamel cookware factory to guide them about sample test of our ground coat enamel frit and white cover coat on their enamel kettle.

This customer is one of the most professional enamel cookware factory in China, their cookware covers from enamel pot, enamel pan, enamel cup, enamel kettle, etc… For the daily use enamelware, there is nothing they can’t produce. They keep focusing on high quality level, their cookware normally need 4-6 times coating and firing, which increased the possibility of defects that may happen in the enameling process. That why they need our help to make the test in their factory.

After 3 days of hard work, the test is finished successfully, , with our ground coat and cover coat, their enamel kettle’s quality is quite well for both adhesion and surface smoothness. Fully meet the standard of customer requirements. With lower cost than Japanese enamel frit, Nolifrit can save more than 30% of the material cost for customer. After this visit, customer highly appreciated our help and also think highly of our enamel frit quality, they are quite happy to cooperate with us in long term.