Nolifrit Solves Defect of Enamel Screen Bubbles

Enamel screen bubbles refer to the defects in the surface of enamel that appear as lines or meshes composed of cells. This defect does not destroy the integrity of the porcelain layer, but has a great impact on the aesthetics of the product.

Recently, a customer contacted us because the product has white lines (the lines do not expose the ground coat) and cannot be solved. After understanding the situation, Nolifrit technical team provided technical support at the first time. We got the customer's defective product samples, conducted technical tests and debugging many times, and found that it was probably caused by the grinding problem of the product enamel slurry. And through the enamel related technology perfect solution to the problem.


If the enamel has wire mesh bubbles, it can be analyzed from the following reasons and refer to the solution:

This situation may be 1. The ground coat is too thick and the firing is insufficient; 2. The ground coat body or plain product has been stored for too long or has defects; 3. The temperature of the baking body is too high or the temperature of the firing furnace is too high. Low; 3. The enamel slurry is too finely ground, and there are too many soluble salts; 4. The strength of the powder layer is low, and the coating is too thick; 5. The wet powder blank dries too quickly, and the firing is too urgent.

Solutions: 1. The ground coat coating should not be too thick, and the firing should be transparent; 2. The ground coat billet or bisque should not be stored for too long, and care should be taken to avoid defects such as collision and extrusion; 3. The temperature of the baking billet It is not easy to be too high or the furnace temperature should not be too low.