Nolifrit Solve Fish Scale of Enamel Bolted Tank

Enamel fish scale is a common defect in the enamel industry. In late February, a customer contacted us because of the problem of fish scale. After preliminary communication and detailed understanding, the Nolifrit expert team was invited to make a special trip to provide technical services to the customer. 

The customer is an enamel manufacturer, producing enamel bolted tanks and assembled enamel water tanks, which are used in sewage treatment tanks, biogas digesters, and water tanks. Because the surface of the enamel is smooth and delicate, corrosion-resistant and non-stick, it is easy to empty the enamel silo, which is convenient for daily maintenance. This kind of enamel water tank or silo is assembled by bolted enamel steel plate of a certain specification. However, because the enamel plate is a high-strength hot-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 3mm~15mm, it is easy to cause the defect of "fish scale".


The "fish scale" of enamel products is caused by the hydrogen content of the steel blank. The enamel plate of the enamel bolted tank must choose an enamel frit that is suitable for enamel on both sides of the hot-rolled plate without causing fish scale. After the inspection of the factory equipment, process and material, Nolifrit team advised customer to use fish scale resistant enamel frit.

1. The enamel frit has a high content of adhesives such as cobalt oxide and nickel oxide, which can make the enamel layer and the steel plate body tightly bond, and the hydrogen cannot break through the enamel layer to cause the phenomenon of porcelain explosion;

2. Viscosity of enamel frit. Viscosity is a measure of a liquid's resistance to flow, the greater the viscosity, the less fluid it is. The enamel with high viscosity is not conducive to the escape of gas in the enamel layer during firing, which increases the pores and air bubbles in the enamel layer, and is not conducive to the flow of the enamel melt during firing, which may easily lead to a decrease in the fineness and gloss of the porcelain surface. Nolifrit anti fish scale enamel frit has moderate viscosity, which is conducive to the escape of gas during sintering and effectively prevents the problem of fish scale.

After testing, Nolifrit anti fish scale enamel frit can effectively resist fish scale problem. The surface of the enamel layer of the enamel plate is fine and smooth, free of pinholes and rust spots, anti-corrosion and strong acid resistance. The customer is very satisfied with the effect and finally adopted the suggestion.

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