nolifrit participate international enamelers congr

On the 28th of this month, Mr. Jack Wang, CEO of the most professional high-tech enterprise for enamel frit and pigment in china, will go to the United States to participate in the 24th international enamellers congress. The congress was held in Chicago and brought together outstanding entrepreneurs, technical backbones and university professors in the enamel industry all over the world. Recalling four years ago, Mr. Jack, Wang, CEO of Nolifrit, presented the important papers at the 23rd international enamellers congress in Florence, and the Chairman of the American Porcelain Association  Hankler granted Mr. Jack Wang with a representative certification.

Mr. Jack .Wang is a well-known private entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience in the enamel frit industry and has strong technical skills. Now he leads the staff of HUNAN Noli enamel co .,ltd. including technical backbones. Mr.  Luke , Luo originally from a well-known porcelain enamel factory in China, joins with him. Create a well-known enterprise in the field of foreign trade in China's enamel frit . Nolifrit has annual production of 30,000 tons and has implemented quality management in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system standards. It has also hired Mr. Mike, an equipment engineer who has worked at Ferro for 40 years, and Mr. Angle ,a technician, who has worked for 15 years at Princess ,for technical guidance for three years, during which Mr. Jack, Wang lived and accompany with these two experts. Nowadays the quality of enamel frit and pigments produced by Nolifrit is very close to that of Ferro and Princess, and it is of a greater price advantage.

80% of our enamel frit and inorganic pigment are exporting to USA ,Russia ,Europe ,middle east ,Southeast Asia ,the participation 24th international enameller congress in Chicago is to look forward to the future and ,Mr. Jack .Wang is going  to meet the United States well-known enterprise household appliances , the United States top daily enamel enterprises and other companies during congress to exchange and seek cooperation. All employees of HUNAN Noli enamel co., ltd wished the trip to Chicago for successfully and bring good news.