Nolifrit New Application: TDP Treatment Board

TDP is the Chinese Pinyin abbreviation of "Specific Electromagnetic Spectrum". The core component is the TDP treatment board inside. This TDP treatment board is composed of more than 30 element coatings. It is made of enamel glaze as the base material and sintered with various elements. So why can the enamel glaze be applied to the TDP treatment board?

Nolifrit Innovative Application-TDP Treatment Board

Under the action of electric power, the TDP treatment board can generate specific electromagnetic waves with various elements, thereby improving the activity of various enzymes in the organism, enhancing the microcirculation effect in the organism, and promoting metabolism. The use of enamel coating as the base material of TDP treatment board is mainly because of its characteristics of emitting electromagnetic waves, which fully meets the needs of TDP treatment board. At the same time, the enamel glaze is non-toxic, does not decompose and does not precipitate harmful substances, and is safe for human health. However, this kind of TDP treatment board has very high requirements for the enamel frit, because its firing temperature is low, which will affect the adhesion performance of the enamel, thereby affecting the performance and life of the TDP treatment board.

Nolifrit has 26 years of experience in the production of enamel frit. The production technology is derived from advanced technology in Europe and the United States, and we have research and development capabilities. In order to better meet the needs of customers of TDP treatment board, the technical research and development team of Nolifrit adjusted the existing enamel frit formula and developed a low-temperature enamel frit. Which maintains the excellent performance of the original enamel glaze. Its low firing temperature can avoid the problem of poor enamel adhesion due to insufficient firing, and perfectly meet the requirements of the TDP treatment board customers.

The successful process of any product research and development is bound to be tortuous. Only with continuous innovation can avoid elimination by the market. New jumps also mean new opportunities. Nolifrit enamel is applied to the TDP treatment board and is not afraid of challenges. The spirit of innovation is one aspect of it, and more importantly, it has many years of technical experience and professional standards.