Nolifrit Mid-Year Summary Achieved Great Success

2022 is the most difficult year for China and even for the global economy. The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February indirectly pushed bulk raw materials cost to the peak, and the spread of Omicron caused the demand for the entire industry to drop significantly. In such a severe market environment, Nolifrit team still delivered excellent answers: the semi-annual overall sales target completion rate was 107.8%, the operating income increased by 102.3% over the same period, and the semi-annual new customer sales increased by 168.7% over the same period.

Before that, it was hard to imagine that a Chinese enamel frit brand could achieve such impressive results in the international market. Without accidental success, there are only two keys to the growth of Nolifrit, one is "product core", and the other is "Customer first", we can only make a difference in this market by continuously improving product technology and providing users with reassuring and satisfactory supporting services.

1. Breaking through adversity, the foreign trade team is active and effective in developing the international market

In 2022, the foreign trade situation is particularly severe, with rising raw material costs and high sea freight rates. Nolifrit's foreign trade team is not afraid of many difficulties and has repeatedly broken through difficulties to stimulate market demand. New and old customers trust and establish a deep cooperative relationship. Under the epidemic situation, they are still not afraid of difficulties. In terms of product delivery and overseas freight, customers can save effort and rest assured. On the other hand, they continue to develop new customers and provide enamel technical support for new customers. The enamel industry has a promising prospect. If a company wants to enter the industry, even if it lacks relevant experience, it can open up its prospects with the help of the Nolifrit brand. In the first half of 2022, the Nolifrit foreign trade team has repeatedly helped novice enterprises to successfully develop enamel production lines to achieve a win-win situation.

2. Go all out, the domestic trade team solves the difficulties of customers

We are always guided by the needs of users. Under the premise of complying with the epidemic prevention regulations, the domestic trade team and technicians of Nolifrit visit the enamel factories with relevant needs in person, provide reasonable solutions for the difficult problems of customers, and win the enamel enterprises and customers. 's approval.

Nolifrit employees firmly believe that there is no other secret to success. Only by going all out, doing everything down-to-earth, paying attention to every detail, and serving every customer well, can we continue to make breakthroughs.

3. Continuous improvement of technology is the support for the sustainable development of enterprises

Products are the core of a brand. If you want to compete for resources in the fiercely competitive market, you must focus on product innovation and create differentiated products. In 2022, Nolifrit will continue to invest in technology, increase technology research and development and service efforts, improve hardware equipment, and continuously improve the quality of frits.

The epidemic situation is repeated, the situation is complex, and the ever-changing market environment makes people feel at a loss. The needs of customers may be temporarily suppressed, but people's desire for a better life will not disappear. As Churchill said: "This is not the end, not even the beginning of the end, it is only the end of the beginning." The story of Nolifrit continues, old woes are broken, new challenges will come, this is 2022, the half of it is folded, but it reflects the infinite and hopeful future of a brand and an industry.