Nolifrit Exported to Latin America Market

One of the biggest enamelware factory in Latin America established the business cooperation with us. They purchased some of our ground coat porcelain enamel frit and cover coat vitreous enamel frit for their enamelware, including, enamel pot, pan, mug and kettles.


Nolifrit offered very suitable product recommendations to them and guide them with very professional technical solutions for the enamel coating process, including the milling formulations, firing temperature and time, enamel coating thickness for both ground coat and cover coat. Besides these, we also ensure the on-time delivery and very sturdy package for the enamel frit during the long way shipping.

noli enamel frit

Hunan Noli Enamel Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer of porcelain enamel frit for vitreous enamel coating in China. Focused on enamel coating solutions for almost 30 years.

We can provide very professional enamel coating solutions for enamelware. We have many customers manufacture Mid and high level enamelware. Their product exported to EU and US market. Such as Le CREUSET.