Nolifrit Conducts A Knowledge Lecture On

"Application of Enamel Pigments in the Field of Coatings"

In order to improve the professional knowledge of Nolifrit employees, enhance their service awareness and the ability to deal with related problems, Hunan Nolifrit held a knowledge lecture on "Application of Enamel Pigments in the Field of Coatings" on the morning of August 12. The company's management personnel and many employees attended the this training.

This lecture was written and lectured by Mr. Luo, guided by the technical department. The lecture focused on the relationship between enamel pigments and inorganic pigments, the performance of various enamel pigments, the indicators of enamel pigments, and the application cases of enamel pigments in the coating industry. There are pigments such as chrome oxide green, copper chrome black, cobalt blue, cadmium red and cadmium yellow. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Luo said that some inorganic pigments are the application trend in the field of materials in the future. Nolifrit's inorganic pigments, such as cobalt blue cobalt green, copper chrome black, titanium chrome brown, etc., will not precipitate free metal ions, and are resistant to acid and alkali. Excellent, in line with US FDA standards; and environmentally friendly inorganic pigments such as titanium nickel yellow, bismuth yellow, iron red, etc., in the process of contact between the human body and the pigment, even if titanium, bismuth, iron and other elements enter or enter the human blood, it will not affect the To the normal function of the human body, the applicability is higher.

Jack Wang, general manager of Nolifrit, emphasized the importance of carrying out relevant training. The activity aims to improve the professionalism of all employees, and can give customers feedback on enamel and inorganic pigments accurately and quickly. In the future, multiple departments will be jointly held to conduct regular lectures on relevant business knowledge.