Nolifrit Cast Iron Matt/Gloss RTU Enamel Powder

The emergence of RTU enamel powder is a manifestation of the specialization of the enamel industry. It is ground by a certain proportion of enamel enamel, clay, grinding additives, etc. It is used for various wet enamel coating. This enamel pre-grinding powder only needs to be mixed with water. Just mix it. If it is an enamel factory that has special requirements for the thickness of the enamel slurry, it can also be put into a ball mill for a little grinding.

Its biggest advantage is that it is simple to operate, does not need to set up a grinding workshop for enamel frit, reduces the process links, and provides convenience and cost savings for enamel factories. It has been widely used in various fields such as architectural decorative enamel panels, water heater liner, primary enamel products, GGH enamel heat exchange elements, etc. A few days ago, a customer from Russia who made cast iron enamel barbecue grills contacted us through the Internet , want to purchase both gloss and matte enamel pre-grinding powders for cast iron. In order to let customers see the effect of pre-grinding powder more intuitively and show the use method of pre-grinding powder, Nuoli laboratory technicians have proofed the cast iron enamel products, and recorded the relevant process to provide technical reference.

The steps are as follows: 1. Pre-treat the iron billet that needs to be enameled, anneal and blast (sand blast); 2. Add water to the pre-grinding powder, sieve after stirring, so that the pre-grinding powder enamel slurry is uniform and meets the requirements of enamel coating ; 3. Wet enamel coating, evenly coat the enamel slurry on the iron billet, and remove the excess enamel slurry; 4. After drying, firing, the firing temperature and time of the bright pre-grinding powder are recommended to be 770 , 11~ 16min, matte recommended 770, 11min; 5. After firing, take out the enamel product and cool it evenly.

Under the severe situation of repeated global epidemics, the enamel industry is also in urgent need of breaking the situation. As a global enamel frit export base, Hunan Nuoli has chosen to take the initiative, always insisting on independent research and development of high-quality products, providing customers with reliable delivery services and professional technical support, and reaching friendly and cooperative relations with many enamel brands around the world.