Nolifrit 5S On-Site Management Official Implement

In order to comprehensively strengthen the on-site management of Nolifrit enterprises, ensure the environmental sanitation of enterprises and factories, reduce quality problems and waste, and improve employees' sense of responsibility and public awareness, on May 31, Nolifrit officially implemented the 5s on-site management method.


On May 16, Nolifrit 5S on-site management launch meeting opened. At the meeting, we mobilized all employees, to establish a sense of cleanliness and sanitation, and strictly abide by the 5S site management rules and regulations.

5S includes sorting (SEIRI), rectifying (SEITON), sweeping (SEISO), cleaning (SEIKETSU) and quality (SEISUKE), which is based on the scientific management of IE and requires the use of action economy, site layout, standard packaging, operating standards, ergonomics and other foundations, allow enterprises to maintain a clean environment and avoid product quality problems and performance problems caused by unclean workplaces.


The purpose of this 5S on-site management meeting is to establish a sound management system and standardize the operation process of the enterprise; formulate clear management authority to ensure the efficient and orderly operation of 5S on-site management; establish a comprehensive and effective incentive mechanism to cultivate team culture. All Nolifrit employees signed their names in the meeting and will strictly follow the standards in the future.