New Enamel Applications Rarely Known by People

When we were young, we could see porcelain enamel everywhere in our daily lives-enamel bowls, enamel cups, enamel pots, enamel basins, etc. However, in recent years, enamel products seem to have gradually "disappeared", and some people have raised questions. : "Why are there fewer and fewer daily necessities for enamel?"

In fact, enamel products have not disappeared. As a metal and glass composite material, it has its unique advantages. Therefore, it is now widely used in industry, construction, public and other fields. Simple science popularization of new enamel products:

1. Enamel assembly tank

Enamel assembly tanks are used to store or transport various liquid and solid materials, and are generally used in sewage treatment, chemical, food and other industries. The glaze characteristics of enamel can make it very resistant to corrosion, not afraid of dirty water, acid water, and the appearance of the enamel layer is beautiful. Generally green or blue is used, and different colors can be customized according to user needs. Because the enamel assembly tank is spliced by the standard enamel assembly plate with bolts, the installation period is short, and the capacity can be expanded and moved, which is very convenient.

2. Enamel heat exchange elements

Enamel heat exchange elements are generally used as boiler equipment for thermal power generation, petroleum, and chemical industries. There are two types of enamel heat exchange elements. Plate enamel heat exchange elements are generally used as air preheaters or flue gas desulfurization and denitrification. Tube heat exchange elements are used in Air preheat the container. It is coated with a layer of enamel glaze on the surface of the decarburized cold-rolled steel plate. It is a material after high temperature firing. Because the steel plate itself has good thermal conductivity, the heat transfer efficiency of the enamel heat exchange element is high, the air flow resistance is low, and it is also very convenient to clean. Wearable.

3, water heater enamel liner

The enamel liner for water heaters is mainly due to the excellent high temperature resistance of enamel, which can greatly increase the service life of the water heater.

4, architectural decoration enamel board

Architectural decoration made of enamel is not afraid of sun, rain and aging, and is beautiful and practical, and it remains as bright and clean as new for decades. In crowded places such as subway stations and tunnels, building safety requirements are also very high. In tunnels, car exhaust is more likely to produce acidic gas and corrode decorative materials. In the event of a fire, the stability of the materials must be considered, so use Enamel materials are very necessary.

5. Barbecue and oven enamel

Barbecue and oven materials are required to be able to withstand the temperature of food heating on the one hand, and on the other hand to be stable, and will not decompose toxic and harmful substances. After grilling, it must be easy to clean for multiple use, so enamel materials are chosen. .