Introduction of Decorative Enamel Frit

Enamel frit for decoration is used to decorate the colored enamel, it can be divided into the transparent frit grinding with pigments and the colored cover coat.
Transparent frit used for grinding with pigments should be able to meet the different coloring requirements, so that the colour enamel has a bright colour, stable tone, strong covering ability, high colouring ability and good chemical stability.

The firing temperature of the decorative enamel should be slightly lower than that of cover coat. In the chemical composition of the decorative enamel, SiO2 is beneficial to improve the lustre, too high will make the firing temperature higher, the expansion coefficient reduced, after firing, to produce a white pattern. The introduction of a small amount of emulsifier in the formulation is beneficial for bright colours.

The chemical composition range of common decorative enamel formulations

SiO2: 40~50%

Al2O3: 4-6%

CaF2 + Na2SiF6: 12~14%

B2O3: 8~15%

K2O + Na2O: 14~18%

TiO2: 0~4%

How to choose the decorative enamel should be according to the different requirements of the performance for the specific product. The defective rate of the finished product will be very high if the enamel is not selected properly. 

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