Introduction of Cast Iron Enamel

Compared with low-carbon steel, cast iron has better adhesion to enamel, and it is easier to make enamel products with complex shapes, and has more cost advantages. Because the deformation of the green body is small when an external force is applied, the enamel is not easy to peel off when subjected to an impact. The hydrogen generated during firing is easier to diffuse than steel plates, making the enamel coating and firing of thick green bodies easier. In addition, cast iron is more acid resistant than steel, so bathtubs, stoves, kitchen utensils, acid-resistant valves, pressure reaction furnaces, etc., usually use cast iron enamel products.

The difference between low carbon steel and cast iron can be determined by the carbon content; carbon content between 0.006 and 2.06% is called steel, and 2.06% or more is called cast iron. When cast iron is melted, if the silicon content is large and the cooling is slower, a large amount of carbon will be precipitated into graphite, and the cross section will be gray, called gray cast iron or gray iron. If the silicon content is low, the manganese content will be high and the cooling will be fast. , A large amount of iron carbide (Fe3C) is formed into a silver section, which is called white cast iron, also known as white iron.


White iron is easy to decompose carbides and emit CO and CO2 gas, which is easy to cause defects, and it is too brittle and hard, so it is not suitable for making enamel products. Gray iron, in which the carbon exists as flake free graphite, can be well combined with enamel, and it is slightly tougher, suitable for making enamel materials iron billets.


At present, the enamel stew and stew pots on the market are basically made of cast iron enamel. They are more durable than casserole, steel pot, and glass pot. They are heated quickly and more uniformly. They are rich in color and shape, easy to clean and long as new. Consumers love it. There are other more common cast iron enamel products such as barbecue grills, gas stove grills, frying pans and so on. Cast iron enamel will become more and more popular due to its many advantages.