How To Use Enamel Ball Mill?

The ball mill is used for the grinding of enamel frit, which is mixed and pulverized by the enamel frit and the appropriate grinding admixture, and becomes an enamel slurry with evenly distributed particles, which is used for enamel coating. Pour the enamel frit and ingredients into the ball mill jar, put it into the ball mill and grind it for a period of time to obtain the enamel slurry.

1. Ball mill jar: Fill the ball mill jar with half full balls first, then add the frit and grind the additive to 3/4 of the volume, and finally add water. The amount of water should cover the balls or the frit. In this case, the grinding effect of the ball mill is the best;

2. Ball mill: The total amount of ball stone should be 50~55% of the volume of the ball mill, and the enamel frit accounts for 22~25% of the volume of the ball mill. There are 3 sizes of ball mills, and the input ratio of each is as follows: 50mm Ball stones account for 20~25%; 40mm ball stones account for 50~60%; 30mm ball stones account for 20~25%;

3. One shot: One shot contains one or more of frit, clay, electrolyte, desired color and water. When the grinding input is too much, the grinding efficiency will be worse and the time will increase; and if the grinding time is too long, the enamel slurry will be overheated, and even the whole ball mill will be hot. The enamel slurry has been overheated and aged, and after being placed for 3 or 4 days, the enamel is enameled and fired, causing defects such as pinholes and pitting.

4. Water: The amount of water affects grinding power more than other factors. The amount of water is generally 45~55% of the input amount of the frit. Too little water will reduce the grinding efficiency, and too much will make the specific gravity of the enamel too low. Be sure to measure correctly and pour the same amount of water each time.

5. Grinding input: In order to avoid a small amount of grinding additives stuck in the gap between the inner wall of the grinder and the inner wall of the lid, the grinding input should have certain procedures:

The standard grinding input is: the required amount of grinding balls; about half of the frit input; the required grinding mill addition, including pigments; the rest of the frit input; water.